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Through consistency and care, we are about making logistics easier for everyone.
We’re creating adaptive solutions and great partnerships.
We’re exceeding expectations and innovating at the highest level.


Streamlining for Success

Let us consolidate your shipments, reducing transit damage and overall cost. Our services offer a competitive advantage and help to lower operational costs to improve your bottom line.

Significant Savings

Let freight consolidation maximize your freight spending. Fewer individual shipments can save you on administrative tasks, trade rates, documentation, and handling fees.

Streamlined Transportation

Consolidated freight has no in-between stops, helping streamline transit time for our retail clients, who often have short lead times.

Help the Environment

Help reduce carbon emissions. By consolidating shipments, we require fewer vehicles and decrease fuel consumption, helping our community and the environment.

International Port Drayage

Connecting Trade Networks

Through our international port drayage network, we provide a seamless supply chain for any logistics need. We can cover your shipments, regardless of their location or cargo requirements.

Effortless Transfers

For shorter hauls, we help link up your multimodal transport, connecting trucks, railways, ships, and air cargo needs.

Customs Coordination

Our operations coordinate with customs authorities, local regulations, and permits so you don’t have to.

Anytime, Anywhere Service

Our International Port Drayage enables the seamless transfer of containers between different transportation modes, such as ships, trucks, or trains.


Get There Faster

At SLG, we offer a wide range of transportation options. Get fast, cost-effective transportation services to help you stay competitive in today's global marketplace.

24/7 Service

Our fleet of private assets will facilitate your shipments anytime, any day. Let us handle the details and reduce costs and delays along the way.

Reliable & Affordable Transportation

We get your goods where they need to go, when and where you need them to. Eliminate the risk of per diem or additional chassis charges when you work with us.

Truck Options

Our flatbed trucks offer transport options for larger-scale operations, simplifying the process for you and handling the big ticket items.


Smart Logistics Results

Our transloading services allow us to transfer your cargo with ease. We’re here to optimize your shipping routes, reduce transportation costs, and improve delivery times.

Long Distance Care

Let us seamlessly transload your goods through any transportation network. Skip the delays, and get the most efficient, long-distance transportation options.

Efficient Services

At SLG, our facilities are equipped with the infrastructure to facilitate any mode-to-mode transfers. Let us handle the hard stuff.

Better Supply Chains

We make your supply chain more efficient by reducing transportation costs, optimizing routes, improving transit times, and leveraging the best transportation modes for your needs.


Reliable Storage Solutions

We provide secure storage and management for your goods. Have peace of mind while we manage your inventory and focus on what you need to make things run smoothly.

Streamlined Systems

Our warehouse capacity allows you to store products in a carefully controlled environment. Our inventory management systems accurately track, monitor, and control your stock levels for ease of mind.

Easy Access

Our facilities are strategically located near transportation hubs to improve efficiency. With multiple warehouse locations and different square footage options, we have the right fit for any of your warehousing needs.

Seasonal Storage

We provide flexible storage solutions to seasonal and fluctuating stock, allowing you to adjust your inventory levels at any time.


We are an asset-based logistics company that makes your life easier through adaptive solutions, innovative services, and trusted partnerships.

The accountability is with us.

What people are saying

"Great place to work if you’re trying to own your own truck. They are amazing when comes to repairs for your truck. Jan and Todd are amazing people to work for. Everyone knows you by name, not a number."


“Incredible family owned business that truly cares about their employees.”


“Todd and Jan, along with the SLG crew, are doing everything they can for anyone with a vision to succeed in the trucking world. Honesty and generosity to are real and plentiful here. Anyone that wants to be treated well will feel right at home. “


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