Big Rig University

Teaching, educating, and empowering others to own their own rig. Utilizing resources on the stewardship of how your company can set budgets and earn profit.

In 2022, 74 truck drivers attended at least one session at Big Rig University. At BRU, we challenge each driver to view themselves as entrepreneurs rather than just truck drivers. We educate them on setting up an LLC and managing a business, emphasizing, "You are your first employee!" We provide tools for personal finance, budgeting, weekly planning, and maximizing all available resources.

For many of our drivers, this has revolutionized their business approach, enabling better planning for market fluctuations and unforeseen expenses. When they depart from Big Rig University, they possess the knowledge and tools needed for success. As we move forward, our plan is to offer courses designed to enhance the drivers' knowledge and experience. From basic truck maintenance to managing a multi-truck fleet, our goal is to assist our entrepreneurs in thriving within an ever-evolving competitive environment.

What people are saying

"Great place to work if you’re trying to own your own truck. They are amazing when comes to repairs for your truck. Jan and Todd are amazing people to work for. Everyone knows you by name, not a number."


“Incredible family owned business that truly cares about their employees.”


“Todd and Jan, along with the SLG crew, are doing everything they can for anyone with a vision to succeed in the trucking world. Honesty and generosity to are real and plentiful here. Anyone that wants to be treated well will feel right at home. “


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